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Seasonal Farm Box

Seasonal Farm Box

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Enjoy this seasonal, local foods farm box that supports multiple farmers and food producers in one bundle!

Contents are currently pre-planned for the months of July, August, and September to give you an idea of what to expect, but will vary slightly based on what farmers are harvesting at the time.

You have free choice of an add on: yogurt, kraut, cheese, or eggs. Please select which add-on you would like in the dropdown box.


All products are sourced according to the following principles: 

Local: Food is responsibly and respectfully sourced from an identified producer, as local as practical preferably within the 115 miles (Hub to Albany). Over 115 miles, preference is for NY grown produce. 

Regenerative: Food is grown or raised using sustainable or organic, if not regenerative, agricultural practices.

Humane: Animals are pasture-raised, fed their natural diets, and slaughtered humanely.