"Essex Food Hub is a critical element of our local food system, providing essential aggregation and distribution services as well as a retail point of sale for our region's small producers. [EFH] is vitally important to the resilience and sustainability of our food system."

- Adam Dewbury, Director, Local Food System Program at Adirondack North Country Association

Why Food hubs matter

Food hubs play a pivotal role in enhancing local food systems, ensuring food security, building rural economies, and addressing climate change

They act as intermediaries that link local farmers, producers, and consumers, facilitating efficient distribution of fresh and diverse produce within communities. They streamline and shorten supply chains, reducing the distance food travels, minimizing carbon footprints associated with transportation and storage, and resulting in more nutrient-dense foods on the table.

The Role of Essex Food Hub

As the only aggregator and distributor of local foods in Clinton and Essex Counties – and serving rural communities beyond this territory – Essex Food Hub is vital to the success and strength of our North Country food system. We help more than 40 small farm and food businesses to access markets, and distribute high quality local food to our region and underserved communities. 

“[My business] would never have become more than an idea without our community food hub. Shared access to critical infrastructure- like kitchen space, cold storage, retail opportunity, and delivery logistics- is so important to supporting producers. But what EFH ultimately offers is so much more: a community of support, a center for knowledge sharing, a willingness to be flexible and grow together, and a focal point that generates consumer interest and energizes the local food scene overall. There is nothing like it in the region, and possibly the country.”    -Farmers Cone Creamery, Essex NY

Producer Testimonial

"Our family farm owes its success to the support of our local food hub. EFH has helped us establish and grow a solid customer base and we rely on them to market, aggregate, and deliver our beef throughout the North Country. Their support has allowed us to focus on farming and remain financially viable, while we help bolster the food security of our region.”
-KZ Farm, Westport NY

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